Support Staff Job Description


Reporting to the Director of Community Care, the role of support staff is to ensure that Cedars operates in a manner that is consistent with the goals and objectives of the treatment program. Support staff are an integral part of the treatment process at Cedars as they are the largest working group of patient facing, front line staff. Support staff are required to know the patient handbook to assist patients to uphold their responsibilities. Support staff are a constant presence as they partner with patients through their journey at Cedars. Support staff utilize a patient centered, collaborative approach to care at Cedars.

The below list is a guideline and may not be inclusive of all that is expected on a day-to-day basis. Support Staff are required to prioritize and respond to the needs of the daily operations of Cedars in a professionals and calm manner. Communication with team members is a top priority.

  • At 08:30, 16:00 and 23:45, please meet with other support staff for shift debrief
  • Support patients to follow the rules and responsibilities, as outlined in the patient
    handbook to increase safety and create a therapeutic community
  • Do sweep of house and account for all patients’ whereabouts at set times
  • Log pertinent observations concisely
  • Answer phones if after 17:00 and take messages regarding information calls and
    forward those calls to the Admissions Department.
  • Monitor patient’s activities as required, modeling suitable behavior, interact with
    patients, redirecting them to their peers when appropriate.
  •  Dispense standard medications, as required (training provided)
  • Assist Administration with bag checks, as requested.
  • Grounds sweeps to ensure patient safety
  • Perform room checks
  • Fill out necessary forms (close observation, sleep watch, off site medical).
  • Keep all areas clean – support patients to do their required duties.
  • Update fire plan and wall bed plan as required
  • Note patient behavior and eating habits in dining hall and in houses in-between
    structured activities.
  • Communicate medication concerns to nursing
  • Support treatment sponsors to fulfill their duties with the new patients
  • Organize and check personal effects
  • Transport patients to and from structure as necessary
  • Support patients and families

To apply for a Support Staff position, please forward a resume and cover letter to Bill Caldwell at: