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It has become the norm to commence recovery from substance use disorders with intensive in-patient treatment. However, this is just the beginning of the journey to sustained recovery.

There is an abundance of research findings supporting the value of early post-treatment and long-term continuing care. Many studies (e.g., Kassani, et al, 2015) have identified the highest rates of relapse occurring early following intensive substance use treatment. Commenting on their findings into methamphetamine use and treatment outcomes Brecht and Herbeck (2015) noted “…the highest rates of relapse occurred early in the post-treatment period, with half…relapsing within six months.” McLellan (2002) argued that for individuals, and society at large, to be fully optimal, “…treatment benefits should be sustained for at least 6 months following discharge for addiction treatment.”

Cedar’s Extended Care Program provides these vital  resources through education, therapy, and structure that is designed to facilitate  the transition between intensive treatment and community based recovery . In the Extended Care Program  participants will meet online five days a week (M-F)  to learn, process, and grow together aided by a set of highly qualified Cedars clinicians.

Program Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reciprocal Support Group (Stabilization)  Resiliency Building Self Compassion Anxiety Regulation Mindfulness 

*Each session runs for 90 minutes from 10:30am – noon*

Reciprocal Support Group:  Provide  and receive support for life’s  challenges in an inclusive and positive environment.

Resiliency:  Increase  personal fortitude  and develop the capacity to recover from difficult life events

Self-Compassion:  Learn skills to silence the  inner critic and  how to nurture our inner champion

Anxiety:  Gain insight into  early recovery barriers associated with anxiety and the skills  to overcome these challenges.

Mindfulness: Develop  awareness strategies and techniques  to remain present as part of daily living

As well as the support offered in these group modalities,  participants in Cedar’s Extended Care program will have access to Cedar’s Medical department on an as needed basis for the duration of their participation in Extended Care. 

4 weeks
  • Psychoeducational Programming
  • Access to Cedar’s Medical
8 weeks
  • Psychoeducational Programming
  • Access to Cedar’s Medical
12 weeks
  • Psychoeducational Programming
  • Access to Cedar’s Medical

*Due to the  intensive & transitional nature of this programming it is strongly recommended that Cedar’s Extended Care Programming be accessed for no less than 4 weeks,*

For more information on this or our other services please email: continuingcare@cedarscobblehill.com