The Cedars Alumni Association (CAA) is our new network for alumni of both the inpatient and family programs at Cedars. The Alumni Association has a number of functions but only one primary goal: to build and support a community of Cedars’ alumni focused on supporting long term, sustained recovery for all who walk through our doors.

Our Mission:

The Cedars Alumni Association is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with current and future alumni that celebrate, engage and connect our alumni to support recovery.

Our Vision:

The Cedars Alumni Association connects alumni in order to promote relationships that support the goals of each individual as they progress through their personal recovery, enhance their quality of life, and support their long term recovery.

The CAA is characterized by:

  • a broad base of caring, engaged alumni participation and support
  • creative and accessible opportunities, programs and services for alumni to establish connections
  • a passionate group of individuals led by a caring, diverse group of alumni leaders, working in partnership with Cedars staff to promote personal recovery for all Cedars alumni

Like the tree we are named after, our alumni are the roots that grow in every community and support the growth of recovery for the next generations of patients.

Some of the activities that the Association pursues:

  • Connecting inpatients with alumni in their community to help with their transition home.
  • Creating and facilitating events at Cedars for alumni and their families
  • Celebrating recovery through events like Recovery Speaks
  • Creating opportunities to have fun in recovery through the Recovery Recreation program
  • Partnering with alumni to plan dinners and events in their communities for Cedars’ alums.

Benefits of joining the Alumni Association:

  • Access to all of the alumni support resources including alumni contact info, meeting info, etc.
  • Help to plan events in your community and have your voice heard
  • Find a greater sense of connection to others who have gone through the Cedars program
  • Discounts on Cedars programs such as Recovery Renewal and Alumni Education events
  • Swag! We’ve got swag! You too can have swag!
  • First line invitation to Recovery Speaks and other Alumni Association public events

Would you like to be a part of the Cedars Alumni Association? Fill out the form below to hear about the latest alumni news and events.

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